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Hey lads,
can any of you jet setters recomend a good travel insurance deal

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Replies to This Discussion are pretty cheap and have good guaranties...
Gunna sound weird but ring "world surfari's" cause they been doing risky travel insurance for years associated with mad buggers going to surf big waves in third world countries, if anyone would know where to get out there insurance for high risk travel it's them.
thanks guys
do you want 'normal' travel insurance or a plan that explicitly covers you for riding in competitions?

most 'normal' travel insurance plans do not cover 'racing', but would cover you for free-riding...
i was looking at a plan that would cover competition so i was covered if anything happednd at newtons, but it's looking like i'm gonna sit newtons out this year....
i could not find any regular travel insurance company that would cover any "organised" events. Like haggy said, would cover free-riding, but not racing.
Hey Hank, since the only race on the tour is an outlaw, i don't think they'll cover you anyway. So in the unlikely event that anyone gets hurt....everyone was/is 'freeriding'. BTW when do you get into Auckland?

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