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trade: killswitch drop through for killswitch topmount

i have a drop throuh killswitch that i would like to trade for a topmount one

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topmount it
i have been
what if i cut the nose and tail off my drop thru killy, then just put the trucks on it like that???? that would be a gnarly topmount!!!

i know that, the reason i want topmount is because its stronger i never ride it drop through there is more nose and tail on a topmount and adjustable wheelbase and it looks better


Do what I have done and put some metal plates on the top of the holes, with a leather riser pad underneath to stop scratching.


I have also made inserts for the drop through holes to stop any flexing within that area.  But I still have yet to ride it...

yeah i was thinking of making an insert then fibreglassing over then griptape over that what did you make the inserts out of?
Just some old ply wood that was the same thickness.  I made mine so they slide tightly in place, but can be removed for versatility...



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