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Just when you thought all innovation in skateboarding was gone and all that was on offer was another quadruple con-caved asymmetrical DH/Slalom/Trick Deck carbon opitcal fiber USB hybrid.... Australia throws up something fresh and new. I present for your scrutiny a Gumtree special. Available to be yours for a a single installment of a modest $300. A homemade masterpeice and sure to be an investment.

Ladies and gentlemen the future of Skateboards is here.......Please discuss.

It is described as follows:

just made it, purple deck with black grip tape stripe. 
Green divine long board wheels, black trucks 

made this about 5 days ago, good condition

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dude! thats insane, more photos come on your teasing

haha, Hey man its not mine . Some dude is trying to sell it on gumtree here in Perth. I just thought it was too Good / Bad not to share. that's the only photo.

truck is backwards

True. I had not even noticed that. I was was so bewildered by the other design features. I wonder what element makes it worth $300. maybe its the unique turning circle provided by the "black trucks"

Would be awesome for a push race to Canberra...what do you think Trav? No gaffer tape next time.

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