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Any older 30+ longboarders interested in a cruisy push along the Sydney M7 cycleway.  I have just moved to Sydney from Perth and did alot of distance skating in Perth but want to get back in shape after approx 4 months off.

I skated about 20km of the M7 cycleway last weekend and it was ideal for pushing/pumping with minor downhill sections. The pavement is first class and you dont have to factor in for vehicles.

I plan to skate the M7 on a regular weekend basis and have a coffee after.  If anyone is keen to join let me know and we can sort out a start time and location.





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why 30+?

I just thought that no young person would want to be seen with a 42 year old, overweight guy who skates a Rayne Longtreks Demonseed with 83mm Flys at an average speed under 15km/hr!


If this isnt the case then lets skate.

Dwane pity your not in Auckland or Brisbane, or I am not in Sydney. 50yo who has a shifty longboard in Auckland and a sector nine in Brisvegas. Similar speed. Just broke wrist for the 1st time 35 years of skating a couple of weeks ago.

Hi dwayne, im 40 also and fairly new to longboarding, but have had the same idea about the m7. Was just waiting for my board to arrive (which now has)...if u can put up with someone that'd probably slow you down, I'd be keen.

Hi Ari, Im keen to catch up for a skate when the weather clears.  Maybe next weekend mate. email me at to catch up. The M7 is awesome.

hey dudes


I used to skate the M7 pretty frequently - it's a great push as you say Dwayne.  If you are keen the full 80k return trip is well worth it.  Some good hills on the southern end of it ;-)

Yer I keen where and what time

i wouldnt mind kicking with you guys i have always wanted to check out the M7.

I'm out of town for the next couple of weeks but am planning a distannce run along the M7 on Sunday 4 August (weather permitting).  Probably a 30km run from Bella Vista along the M7 southbound and back.  If anyone is interested we can meet at the shops on Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista.  I'm open to any times on the Sunday and feel free to join in if your keen.

This is awesome. Im in NZ though!

20+ km this Sunday along M7.. Meet at Bella Vista shops for a 10am departure. All welcome for a cruisy run.

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