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Sydney downhill does not exist. No one skates down mountain roads. Everyone here sticks to the suburbs and local bombs. There are no good downhill runs in sydney. Everything is flat.

Please do not ask where to go skateboarding, because we dont know. We dont actually skate in sydney, we all ride scooters...

...Nek Minit

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monday the 6th will be a no go dude... well it depends on who is in Melbourne... If anything that session would be on the weekend (for crew who arent going) and anyone who comes back will be too buggered/needs to work on the monday... we will organize something soonish, still not sure if im going to melbs or not
no worries, we already figured that with CHC most of you guys would be in melb, bad timing on our part i guess, hopefully we'll be able to meet up with whoever that decides not to go to melb.
Don't mind Jacko I'll be good for a session on the Monday if required
cool, it'd be good to have someone there to show us how to tackle the road safely.
Are we rolling at keira on thursday?
not keirra... 2 new spots road yet to be decided
be good to get a crew this week,bit hard with only 3 of us last week,so all those in need of some leg burnin action try yo best to come on thurs,if we roll north side theres 2 new runs that need tryin,the one me ,j-bro n gab had a blast on last week and galston so we got 4 options up there,or we head west to the unridden hill of hairpins,...i recon a crew on the nth side would make for better group riding...anyway lets get keen.
I reckon the "Hawke's Hairpins" run should be the go for thursday. All of those who wish to raise the gnar bar and get side-ways say I
yeh,if theres a few keen to ride there,sweet,,me cooper n jase are comin,may have a couple of ''sample runs''on our way.
spewin those spots are too far away from each other... so keen to check out the gem's u found benbro but fark me those hairpins looked so sweet... i really need to dial in those toe-side speed checks and high speed hairpins so im pretty much sold on the Hawke's Hairpins this thursday... Next monday we should go up to the old Pacific with those melb fellas who will be in town
i can i get a lift, what time we leaving jacko,,,,, are you in luca?, lets get rolling early, and maybe hit some other hills in the arvo.
i'll find out about the car situation, should be good but still keep an open mind. Luca is in. I'd say meet at ("insert hill here") at 9am

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