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Sydney downhill does not exist. No one skates down mountain roads. Everyone here sticks to the suburbs and local bombs. There are no good downhill runs in sydney. Everything is flat.

Please do not ask where to go skateboarding, because we dont know. We dont actually skate in sydney, we all ride scooters...

...Nek Minit

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Hehe, sounds like a consensus forming around Wednesday at Keira, possibly with dessert at Kevin Costner's aquatic Mad Max, AKA Waterworld.
wednesday sounds good for me,....good to have the hagster amongst the mix again....
guff is in hopefully rollin some of those minus 5 wheels into the mix ooohhh yeeaahh
yeh yeh wednesday it is! syked!!!
see all the crew at the top in the says fine n sunny with light variable mega headwind like last fully re-bushed and new wheels...b-rad-new zigs...guff new minus 5...robbo -new minus5...seems like everyone wants plenty of traction to hang on to that waterfall..!
I'm out for tomorrow. first day at new job..have a sick day fellas.
830 at the top of the mountain boys
damn it, gonna have to bail.

stupid shift work means i get lumped with dealing with tradesmen

and shit needs to get done before i go away.

oh well catch you boys after i get back from san fran.

have a mad sesh!
im out guys,, will get back in the action in a fortnight, jacko should be back and ripping soon, will have to go for a big sesh then, what are these minus 5 wheels, and water world can be done on free ride duran's, witch slide like butter at speed, its just how fast you can change direction and the right line,
hope yall have a safe fast day,
Sick skating boys, everyone was smashing through the right, left at waterfall and keira was as stokeworthy as always.
Until next week!
Cheers for a rad day guys! first time down Keira standup yew loved it!!!! and how sweet is Kevin Costners' S's!
yeh rad day guys,everyone smashin kiera now..,phil is definately a natural..i was amazed at your conrol and style dude,looked epic when u were smashin that s bend at waterworld onya b/board.looked like u were enjoying that bit of road.,top is a bit straight.,everyone is steppin up every sess....and Gab..whoa man first down kiera on a couple runs....or sittin on ya tail....guff gnar...howsit dude? work my whole week around our ride days..coz its siiick
cant wait to see the film/phots....

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