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Sydney downhill does not exist. No one skates down mountain roads. Everyone here sticks to the suburbs and local bombs. There are no good downhill runs in sydney. Everything is flat.

Please do not ask where to go skateboarding, because we dont know. We dont actually skate in sydney, we all ride scooters...

...Nek Minit

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Good day today folks, my legs are nicely burnt out, getting faster with each run, no major incidents, a small encounter with authority at the best possible time, no hamburger buns, no cold drinks...
cops on the last run?

working on photos now...
yes another great day,hard with the swirling winds,everyone constantly improving but it was guffs day,couldnt stay with him, was hammerin down that hill,...cops love havin a chat with us when we are finishing..all n film should turn out ok...,,
Definitely Guffs day. An awesome amount of pace from the big fella made it very hard to stick to him.
rad day >> bring on newtons hopefully windy as i might have a chance....
Rad tuckamon session....
whos got a new low tuck... hahaha rad dude.
Cant forget the smile on guffs face when we got to the bottom and he realised that he had smoked everyone.
I was super stoked for you dude.!
Who's up for some DH early next week. Monday or Tuesday?
wed or friday is better for me, maybe a core keira sess. New minus 5's should be in by then
I can only do wednesday next week, keira sounds tasty.
I might be able to make it wednesday.....C'mon teacher strike..Mmmm kiera.
Mon & Tues is out for for me too. The rest of week might be negotiable...
In a fortnight Haggy will add himself to these sessions.
i'll make the effort for a wed sesh. will only be able to stay for 2 hours due to work, but im down

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