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Sydney downhill does not exist. No one skates down mountain roads. Everyone here sticks to the suburbs and local bombs. There are no good downhill runs in sydney. Everything is flat.

Please do not ask where to go skateboarding, because we dont know. We dont actually skate in sydney, we all ride scooters...

...Nek Minit

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agreed good skatin yesterday dudes keira next thursday or friday??
yeh ill be keen for whenever,i got my racerecal ready to roll so we will get some awesomely close footage of the radness....helmut cam..,board cam..,slam cam..we ;ll get it all...put up that sketchy footage rob..keen to psycho-analyse..anythin s better than nothin...
anything happening this week lads?.....yo mick mack,some of the roads we ride are pretty gnar and require a reasonable amount of d/h experience,..leathers and fullface helmets are needed,and an ability to control your speed and stay in your lane,...there are weekend sessions were crew session corners and do all the stuff that prepares us to ride good to have you come out for some sessions.....always welcome new crew...come check some of the hills out see what u think..but we are all about one anothers safety and there are no hero,s...everyone makes there own decisions and there is no pressure to perform...sorry ,i worry more about new crew more than they mistakes on the hill can be disasterous...have u ridden hills before?
yeah whats the story this week?

i've got work off tues and wed, but can swap a shift if the ride is on thursday...
My schedule is a bit up in the air this week. Won't know what's happening work-wise till Tuesday.

Mick, we always welcome new riders, but I second Ben's comment. People need practice on smaller hills and decent safety gear (leathers and full-face) before tackling bigger hills. A confident footbrake will get you down just about anything. If you're ready you're ready, and if you're not you're still welcome to come along and watch (and drive us back to the top!).
Tuesday and Thursday are out for me.
How about wednesday?
i was thinking maybe some hawkes, or pie?
im totally down to roll wed
day and place.... let me know.
i could probably hit hawks,although ill be cruisin unleathered,[in gettin zip repaired]..but thats cool,carve and drift runs and u can skate it steady and still have suits me if a crew is keen.
so is it wednesday?? need to know to get work off but will be sweet. pretty syked for hawks! but will go where ever. ps if anyones keen for mid week bondi bombing give me a buzz on 0430051638. luca and gabs have showed me the area and its fully sick. pps thursday city bomb!!! yew

Benbro, if your rolling without leathers we could go to pie, get some leg burn going.

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