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Hey guys, 

So i bought a switchblade today aswell as some 85A venom doublebarrels 

Im 67 kilos so I thought they would go alright but i guess i was wrong 

even with the 852s done up fully, i was still getting railbite 


so I had a play around with all my bushings (i also have a 90A and 93A set of venoms) 

and whenever the 85As were in, i would get railbite 

but with the 90s and 93s its way to tight 


so im just wondering what a good set of bushings would be for me
im 67 kilos
have 852s

and freeride/light dh


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maybe try and top mount it??? ive heard the switchblade is sick when it's topmounted :)
have you tried 90/85?
topmount the sucker
run bigger wheels

just chucked it topmount and its sick as shit 


top mounting a drop through in my experience doesnt damage it at all.



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