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ok. had these s9 wheels for a while but havent had a chance to use to its full extent because as i was cruising one day beginning of this year,i went up a driveway and it managed to somehow rip a chunk out of one wheel.

i love the s9rf thane.i had my first butter smooth experience with it.

so is it still usable in terms of it wont explode on me while im bombing a hill or skiding round a corner???

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Not gonna explode or anything man, dont need to worry about it you can ride it fine as long as your comfortable on it as in its not bumpy.

don't worry it will be fine maybe a bit chattery but still useable

not even chatter man. having a chunk missing from uir wheel wont make the slide chattery, the only thing that will happen is it will grip a LITTLE less. but your using them for sliding anyway so yeah keep shredding

Thanks guys for the replies.just didnt wanna waste such good thane.lucky i didnt.peace!!!

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