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Skatement Speedboards, Aussie made, quality aussie materials. PERFECT for going as fast as humanly possible. All made from single layer veneer products,  glues are epoxy based. If you're interested leave me a post and we can models and talk specs.

For all the boards i have made look at the link, remember the album goes from oldest photo to newest so make sure you look at the most recent shots

A little arvo session video, Elliot, Sam and me "on the palindrome"


I am looking for $200 plus delivery for the basic materials of veneer and epoxy. Carbon fibre and bamboo cost me more so i will discuss them with individual buyers. $100 deposit and i start building.

This is just me riding an older board.


The current models are


Its a symmetrical freeride board that does it all.This one is 10.25 wide and 29.5 WB length 36.125

This is my bombing board of choice right now.

Here is a little vid i did of it when i first made it.

The Bird of Prey

Its a classic topmount with awesome curves in the right places. little hips and wings to jam your foot into to gain the extra leverage you need.

Usually a 30 and 29 inch WB and 10 inches wide its a slick machine for race and free ride.


The Bird of Prey (EVOLVED) Rob McWhinnie model

This is the model i am most exited about right now. It's based around the Bird of Prey with some Rob McWhinnie inspired tweaks. Reduced the wings down but keeping the little hips for comfy grip and leverage, and best of all it has a 9mm drop just in the front. Locking that front foot into a sweet little pocket, I just heard from Rob and Maga the other day and he plans to race this one in South America, "its light stiff and responsive" and he hit 90 plus km\ph on a sweet desert run. The only thing is that i haven't had time to make one for myself, bummer!

Here he is shredding on it with luca in Peru.

The Beast

This shape is a bit old school, with large cut outs to eliminate any chance of wheel bite. The shape doesn't seem to be that trendy with the big companies right now but it's been in demand at the Skatement house lately.

No name, "but i like it"

I had been thinking of a clean line topmount for a bit and when jack asked for something like this i was happy to bring it to life.


Feedback from WAY older boards from Haggy and Jacko from one of the older boards i made haggy. "unedited".

By changing the materials to real maple, pine and bamboo veneers i have a lighter super stong product so i have made the changes he and jacko suggested 

Just had a good little downhill session on the Skatement! Very cool. It is a pretty cruisy tucking hill, with a bit of railing around the corners. The board was great, concave real nice, very comfortable. The back foot positioning feels natural. I didn't have to do much back foot adjusting during the run. Which is opposite to the Killswitch, where I never quite know what to do with my back foot. Next thing is doing some sliding on it and I'll let you know how that goes.
Keep up the good work,


Yeah, went to pie this morning. Got the boot from the coppers after a while, but got a good few runs in. Good to hear it handles slides well. Hopefully I'll be able to hit some corners soon and I'll let you know how it goes!
Definitely, I really like the sharper edge of the concave. It allows you to lock in properly and find the edge when you want to. All in all, its a very fun ride.




yeah dude - Skatement. Gave it a good test run yesterday. Trying to stay hot on the heels of jack, benny, cam and gabby certainly meant it was a fast day at keira!
The board is solid. Overall, great shape. It holds well through the corners, concave is comfy under my feet. I will probably add a toe stop as my front foot kept migrating towards the front of the board when riding. I noticed Jacko has a top stop on his top-mount avenger and he highly rates it.
I do think however, the board would probably be a bit better suited to someone bigger than me and with bigger feet. Like the killswitch, the skatement is a bit wide for my feet, which means i'm still moving around a bit to get the leverage i feel i need around corners. A slightly narrower board would probably take care of this. Also, i'm a skinny dude so don't need as 'beefy' a board. There is quite a bit of glass on the skatement. I reckon you could definitely reduce some of the glass and have a slightly lighter, but still very strong board.

But again, the positives far outweigh the negatives. The concave is really nice and i like the way the rails feel underfoot. The shape is great, looks good and is very functional.

Keep it up bro!


Jacko writes

yeah i had a look at his board it looked sick as fuck. the shape and concave felt very nice... it was pretty thick and heavy but im sure as you figure shit out with board building you can also figure out how to make em thinner and lighter without sacrificing strength. 10inches is a pretty standard size and most people love that size deck but yeah Haggy and i both prefer a narrow deck.



This gives you some idea of the boards and what people have thought of them.

Lastly the current decks weight between 1650-1900 grams depending on the size of the deck, much, much lighter than the board that Haggy and Jacko are reffering to.


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That's some fresh looking planks mate. 

Shapes & concave are rad.


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