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RIP Sims legacy. Such a legend. Sad to see him pass.

Yeah Fitz. Sad news indeed. He was a true master of the board.

RIP Tom.



"Watching young Afghan skaters in the film made me realize why I've spent my entire life as a skateboarder."
Stacey Peralta, Film Director / Former Pro Skater

“An inspirational story located at the intersection of sports and universal brotherhood.”
John Anderson / Variety

KABUL – This thought-provoking, full-length documentary tells the story of how girls and boys in Kabul discover skateboarding and make it their own, bringing about the birth of the grassroots NGO Skateistan. ‘Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul’ also includes exclusive footage from a visit to the project by the first professional skateboarders to visit Afghanistan: Louisa Menke, Cairo Foster, Kenny Reed and Maysam Faraj.
The film is the winner of the 2011 Cinema for Peace Berlin award for Most Valuable Documentary, among other strong receptions at several International Film Festivals. This surprising story holds significance to skateboarders around the world, the international aid community, educators, and anyone curious about Afghan culture.
Skateistan is an NGO using skateboarding as a tool for youth empowerment in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Pakistan. Now in its fifth year of operations, Skateistan is excited to have these stories from its beginnings to share with a worldwide audience. The organization hopes the film will shed light on some of the daily realities of life for youth in Kabul, and the ability of four wheels and a board to connect people across innumerable social divides.

The film will be available in the US Nov 13th 2012 on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and Xbox Live. It premieres in theatres this month in Hamburg (Nov.8th), Düsseldorf (Nov.13th), and San Francisco, and will be released worldwide on DVD soon.

Skateistan on Twitter
'Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul':
Director: Kai Sehr
Producer: Rene Kock
Writer/Editor: Nadia Soraya Hennrich

Oppelner Straße 29
10997 Berlin
Ph: +49 (30) 914 921 01

It's been a while since something newsworthy happened, and here it IS

Police put brakes on rocket-powered skateboarder in outback Qld


Quote of the story:

Inspector Fawcett says he has never heard of anything quite like it before.

"There is funnily enough a ticket for using a rocket-propelled vehicle on a road and I suspect this might be the only ever ticket issued for that particular offence in Queensland," he said."

OK Cowboy DAZ...fess up, was it any relation to You?????

Id frame it if I got a fine like that. Piss funny.

I think that all authorities should consult a panel of Skateboard/Downhill/slalom champions before deciding if the legislation was dangerous or not. I'm sick of this ACA and Today Tonight bias bullcrap, they don't know shit about the sport to begin with yet they still point the finger. Guess witch finger I'm pointing!

Bernie, that story was hilarious in so many ways.

Brad Shaw building massive China Skatepark

Our man Dave on the industry
Cary Pogson of OMNI still in there building Australian boards

Interesting story on how important the ASRA website is to the industry, and the problems Rayne discovered with trying to use Facebook



Skateboarding in a Mercedes advert

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