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Selling glyde drop! 180 smokies! Otangs
 orange and purps ( pretty good nik no major
 coning) and a few other bits and pieces. 
$500 plus postage. Picks to come! If you
live in brissy can meet you and take cash
if anyone is interested!

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Hey dude cud b keen.. Whats ur number? Wil u post 2 perth?
Hey yeh definatly just have to find out what the postage is my number is 0404263353 send me a message!
Do u hav any pics i cud view.. ?
Yeh man I'll get them up tommorow forgot to do it today!

hey man this is the only photo i have atm i took it the other day! pretty much everything you can have minus the full face helmet. pm me and let me know
what condition are the gloves if ya sellin?
hey ian there in alright but average condition few tears and stuff. im just selling the whole lot minus the full face for $500 plus postage.
can we buy some of the items separate?
depends what your buying? but would like to get rid of the lot.
1 orange and 1 purple otang, left glove, right knee pad and 1 hanger off the smokies?

and can i get pics of the wheels mounted and you wearing the pad and glove? cheers
umm probably just the trucks, depends how much your selling the deck

Schaff said:
depends what your buying? but would like to get rid of the lot.



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