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Hey guys I'm desperately hunting for a set of medium strength (which are dark green) springs for Seismic trucks. No one in Oz or indeed the rest of the world seem to stock them anymore, i think they're all waiting for Seismic's new trucks to drop which seem to be impeded by ever mounting delays... but if you did happen to have a set that you're not using or know of a secret stash in the back of your local skate shop I'd love to hear from you. I'm currently running light blue 'extra lights' so anything stiffer than that i might be interested in.



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Hey Lloyd. 

Just checked my skate spares stash & what do you know...

I've got a few sets of new Seismic springs I can part with.

1 set - extra light/ Yellow.

1 set - Medium/ Dark Green. (Which are more like lime green)

1 set - Heavy/ Purple.

They retail for about $17-20 from memory.

You can have them for $15 a set + postage if you want.

I also have 2 new Seismic replacement baseplates 1- 30* & 1- 45* if you want them. $15 each + postage.

Hey PC,

I'll jump on anything that Lloyd's not interested in.

Let me know how it goes.


Hey PC, sent you a message about the medium and the heavy springs

Thanks for getting back to me


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