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i am seeking a Rayne Isis if anyone is willing to make such an exchange with me. Otherwise, feel free to make offers on trades and/or buying.

top (of the front multiple wheelbases, only a few work because my drilling is retarded).

back (the additional rear whelbase works fine)

i heard you like concave, this board has some

160 DH hangers modified to 210mm with removeable axle sleeves. works best with soft venom cones (even for dh)

-available wheelbases of 29", 26", 31.5" and 28.5" (nice and trendy)
-wheelwells modified to accommodate for additional wheelbases
-good board to chop if it's too long for you or if you want to be trendy
-good condition, few marks on nose and tail from standing up etc and one scratch.
-awesome crappy looking yet functional gripjob with vicious where your feet go
-stiff and strong deck, super badass.
-and it's SOOOPERRRRR RAREEEEEEEE seriously though, it's rare.

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thats good to know :)
how do you think it would compare to an avenger or voodoo doll?
it would have more concave than both of those boards but no W in the back like the avenger or rocker like the voodoo doll. it's a pretty long deck so it is more to carry around etc than either of those boards but it has been redrilled to have similar wheelbases. the avenger doesn't have much concave in the front but it does have the w cave. the voodoo looks to have pretty mellow concave but still locks your feet in well.

i don't really want to compare because i'm pretty bad at this sort of stuff and i haven't had much experience on those boards.

when i rode it i liked it best with 180mm paris and sector 9 raceformulas but really, any truck will be fine on it
yeah true
ive done some research though and heaps of people reckon 170 shipped is a bit steep and that the s9 roxanne is the some board which i could get complete and shipped from america for 230 :(
yeah, in that case the roxanne would be a much better choice. it's just that i bought this when it was extremely limited (and expensive)so i don't want to sell it for too cheap. I would agree and say go for the roxanne (:

i'll end up riding this again once my chopped bombhills dies on me
Yeah true
how did you get your hands on this?
Dont you have to be on the s9 team?
i think you could get it if you were tight with S9 or something, i bought it from kookyfish complete . I will probably end up cutting this deck down..hahah
u still got them hangers mate



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