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does anyone have a downhill board that i can buy off u

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i would have to say there are atleast 5 of them listed in the marketplace for sale right now. 2 of them would have been visible from where you made this page.
dont know if you have the budget for a deelite board but i'm selling my 09 rayne deelite hellcat
I've got an OMNI-drop-43 that i'd sell to you.
deck only- $95+shipping.
pics if needed
I have a Madrid Josh Rolf Downhill deck for sale. It is a brand new deck, nine plys, dropthrough mounting, retails for $255 but will sell for $200 including shipping. If you need to see a picture you can check it out on the Madrid website.
sweet i will think about it
ryan can u put a link 2 ur phot of ur board and the same with uan whozarmy
heres a nemesis for $180 plus shipping its only got about 2 and a half scratches on the bottom and theres some pics on the link

as you can see from the pictures there are a few scratches and dings but all in all nothing that will affect the quality of ride.
Sorry about the poor quality of the pics but i can assure you this is a brand new board, it's still got the plastic on it. if you want to see better pics and board specs go to It is the Josh Rolf Downhill Pro Model

lachie stuart said:
ryan can u put a link 2 ur phot of ur board and the same with uan whozarmy
ryan does ur 1 come with trucks or just the deck
can u sell me the trucks 2
Just fixed the link. I have trucks, wheels and bearings available too if you need them.



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