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in downhill skating, everyone goes the extra mile and pays for HD, but is it worth it?
an extra $200 on average.
What do you use?
does anyone have a SD gopro?


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hd is worth it
yeh definately

get HD much better and worth the price


Well everyone says HD is worth it. The industry says HD is the standard. Every one says HD gives a better quality image.

At the end of the day, if your filming is crap, and your editing is crap- it doesnt matter how High your definition is. You cant polish a turd just by virtue of a little HD sticker on your camera.


I could rant on about this subject for ages, but I know theres no point, dont question anything, just follow the rest of the heard and buy an HD go pro. (top tip, wait a while, HD go pros will go down in price after the next retail festival)

forget standard definition, it's a cry..  sensor is the same between models so if you're using it for stills (end yourself) than i guess it's fine... remember too 60fps vs 30fps (not at 1080 though).  
Ian, if I was home right now I'd punch you...
Punch Cunts That Do Standard-def?
Nope, punch cunts that post stupid shit

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