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hi, i live in  west ryde and was wondering if there was any other skaters in the area. i was thinking if we could have some casual meet ups and hit up new spots.

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Im in Epping, pretty local..

yeah sweet i live like a 5 min skate from eastwood station. Do you any good spots? i dont skate epping to often and pretty unfamiliar with putney.

iv pretty much drained through eastwood/west ryde/deniston/meadowbank so i know a few good spots


Yeah Eastwood

Sounds good

Jordan Ling said:

okay, seems eastwood is pretty central to everyone here

anyone good for a skate on sunday?

haha sorry guys cant skate for a few weeks going away for a couple of weeks. if u want info on spots just message me

Yeh shreed gnar ryde steeze LoCal err day muhhfukkuh all day skate I'm home soon so I'll shred when are you coming back gufferson

i live in north ryde

look i live near liverpool, and i have been to ryde before its quite a long trip for me but if im everydown there ill try let you know ?


cha cha cha all day l-dog

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