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I have just checked ASRA's Blood Donation Tally and we are at 11. This means that we have saved 33 lives.

To those of you who are rolling up their sleeves and donating blood - good job. To those who aren't, no sweat, but just consider doing it. It doesn't take long, you get a free feed, and it makes you feel like you're putting something back. Just make sure that they add your donation to the ASRA tally at the Blood Bank you visit.

If you have fresh ink or if you have a Prince Albert (not the skateboard, but the nether jewels), you need to wait 6 months. That is all...and thank you

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Event....Chatswood Blood Bank.
This Friday @ noon, 8th August, 2014.
Don't wear a long sleeved t-shirt.
See you there.

No worries...clearly a lot of people forgot the date or couldn't find the Blood Bank. It is in fact the truth that ASRA was heavily under represented, but I put this down to a lot of people who could not donate due to fresh ink or piercings. To put you in the picture, the sum total of ASRA members in attendance at this event was 1. I did my best to represent you all and gave as much blood and plasma as I was the spirit of things I drank a full ASRA share of milkshakes and ate chocolate muffins for you all...I didn't feel really flash after that until I had visited the bathroom and disposed of the excess milkshake and muffin in the conventional method which involved strenuous physical excercise by my Oesophagus. All good and ASRA has punched out another donation in the name of giving back to the community. Happy days.

that sucks, I dont think I'm able to donate again yet (tattoo) but skaters should be getting behind blood donation... We are a group with such a high chance on needing the blood! 

A couple of our members have actually needed blood over past few years so I am a big fan of giving some back...let me give back for you Matti Rae.... I suspect your ink journey is not yet over.

Dudes, I now need some of you guys to step up.

I have been disqualified from donating blood for 6 months and need to keep the flow going.... No I have not engaged in male to male; or got a tattoo or a piercing.

I was doing bushcare in Naremburn (near Basement Skate) and something stung me in the thumb while I was removing weeds. A few minutes later I removed an uncapped syringe from the area I had been working in. Ordinarily the junkies put the orange cap back on the syringe before throwing them in the bush so that they are a chance of being seen....but not this fcuker. I am fine but have sustained a needle stick injury which will require further action, suffice to say I dislike junkies even more now.

Anyone who can help out the blood bank on ASRA's behalf would be welcomed.

that sucks dude! heal up, hopefully the arsehole didnt have anything for your sake

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