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You know the drill...

Rayne Vandetta, Bears, Orangatang Yellow Stimulus....

All very close too brand new.... Need money for new leathers for Newtons.

Asking $350 complete, will not splitt!

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is the board more of a frreride or downhill i am only just starting ?
Scott Poole said:
only have ridden it like 5 times at tops, bloody great board, nothing wrong with it, just need money for lethers...
oi will you take 330 posted to adelaide
this board is for everything mate! more freeride, but still goes hard on downhill!

330 post to adelaid, im sure 20 more buck isnt hard buddy....
k man 350 it is, send me a message with ya bank details and i will get the cash through asap

Where you located bro? Postage to Newcastle?
sold mate sorry
He said it was sold in the comment above you, how they hell would he accept a trade

Tim Curry said:
wat about a trade for a loaded tan tien
too much jibbajabber
Ended up getting a Evo. Cheers anyway bro

luke latty said: thats it!

luke latty said:
hey man im selling a vendetta complete for the same price

JesseJames said:

Where you located bro? Postage to Newcastle?



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