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Rayne Mini Killswitch top mount or drop through


I'm wanting to buy the baby killer but i don't know if i should get drop through or top mount. If you have another idea for me to get a board can you please let me know.

Cheer, John

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topmount all the way heaps more responsive more traction through turns ive got one and love it u wont reget it   

and have u checked out the 2012 wolfshark seems like a pretty gnarly topmont

I got the drop through mini killswitch because of the fact you can do both top mount and drop through.
I top mounted it first and it blew my mind!!!
But I did drop through coz I wanted to experience it and found its so easy to slide out!!! To the point it's very icy.
Im keeping it this way tho till I absolutely master my sliding it's my freeride atm so works like a charm.
once I'm comfortable then back to top mount I go.

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