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Downhill and freeride sessions in the Beastern Suburbs of Sydney!

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Up for a sunday session?

yeah sure, where?

Rose Bay? there are a couple of nice runs around there... then clovelly/coogee after...

Im keen even just to be a spotter and talk to people. I need to find some others to interact with after being on my own for so long. And I live in Curl Curl (its either you or Jacko that lives there aswell but Im not sure).

The Dave said:

We need spotters. Who's up for some mild DH and freeriding around the beaches?

I live in Clovelly... its a bit of a hike for you i guess... but if you're keen you're more than welcome... might come up for a session there as well one of these days...

Yeh it would be good to meet halfway a few times. I couldnt come too regularly cos i cant drive yet... But it sounds hella funn :) 

Been working hard this week... next session probably on Sunday... if anyone wanna join post a reply...

Night session tomorrow?

If this is still going I'm in.

Hey man it is still going... I'll message you next time I got some time to go for a session

nicolassv said:

If this is still going I'm in.

Matteo, if you're heading out Sunday arvo chuck me an SMS.

Sure man... I'll have to work on Sunday but if I finish early enough I'll give you a call

The Dave said:

Matteo, if you're heading out Sunday arvo chuck me an SMS.

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