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Downhill and freeride sessions in the Beastern Suburbs of Sydney!

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Cheers mate

Jacko said:

nah mate, they are doing uphill... duhhh

David Penny said:

You guys doing downhill or freeriding down there??

Yeah lots of straight steep hills around here.... very good spots for sliding but not long enough for proper downhill, still one of my favourites places in Sydney for longboarding

Going out tomorrow (Sunday) as well... will be skating pretty much the all day so just give me a ring or post a reply if you wanna join...  

Hey I was gonna get info about going today but other things turned up... How about next sunday? I'm 13 but I'd say that I will be ok as I have skated around there a few times before. Thanks :)

Hey guys Im 15, in Maroubra i know a few good spots in coogee and would love to come sometime, just need to know whats your main discipline i know i am mainly into freeride/freestyle not so great at DH.

Most of the hills I hit are quite fast so you gotta know how to control your speed and stop quickly if you need to... I'm 25 so I prefer to ride with older people but if you guys are nice with the neighbours, don't complain if you're asked to leave and don't hit a hill if you think you can't do it you're more than welcome... plus I gotta get my stand ups better so I'm keen to learn from anybody. I'll post my next session in the next few days... this weekend I might be busy though so it'll probably be during a weekday in the afternoon.

Ben, I'm pretty sure it was you who met us on Saturday when we were getting some runs in so you know the sort of skating we're doing. We'll post up if we're going to be doing some slide jamming.


Matteo, I'll probably session the shady slide hill tomorrow afternoon so hit me up if you're free.

I'm keen... I hope I'll get out of work early enough to join... I'll send you a txt when I'm on my way home to see if you're still skating.

Goin out on Thursday afternoon... probably Rose Bay...pretty fast hill with hairpin at the bottom and no run out... not many cars... if anybody wanna join just let me know.

freakin weather!

We need spotters. Who's up for some mild DH and freeriding around the beaches?

Yeah mate, this weekend?

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