ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Downhill and freeride sessions in the Beastern Suburbs of Sydney!

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yea that wind sucked last time, ive got alot of work to do tommorow so ill probably only join you for one of the sessions

No probs man

hey is it alright if i tag along if your going today???

Fukin rain... Maybe its gonna dry up...

ahhhh just message me if your gonna go another time


Just got back to aussy land. Are any of you up for a skate up in the mountains or any other spots?


Next session maybe on thursday... Let you know

Lets hope it doesn't rain... Got a well deserved day off tomorrow...session's on if its not wet...

Ahh... Rain spared us... Next sesh on Saturday arvo... Everybody's welcome

I might join you for that

yeah I'm keen. just need a time and place

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