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Downhill and freeride sessions in the Beastern Suburbs of Sydney!

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Tom, can you shutdown slide from any speed? Suburban downhill also means car slalom.

What idiot allows panicky, irrational old women to hold driver's licences anyway?...

yea im confident with shutdown slides at any of the speeds your gonna be hitting round here as well as hugging the left side of the road when it gets narrow. Ive got plenty of "panicky, irrational old women" where i live so im used to dealing with that

still going matteo?

no man i wish... got called for work... but i'll go sometimes this week... sorry

Hey man didn't work in the end... wanna go around 2pm?

Tom said:

still going matteo?

sorry i was out skating all day, didnt see this till now

Hey derr east side people. I'm going away for 3 weeks. When I come back do you guys wanna sesh?

Where abouts?

I have no idea about east side or sydney spots

who'd be keen to show a chap around

yeah no probs

Im free to skate pretty much whenever for the next 3 weeks if u wanna have a shred matteo

next time will probably be this sunday... i'll let you know

Where do you guys normally skate?

bondi, rose bay, that kinda area

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