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Downhill and freeride sessions in the Beastern Suburbs of Sydney!

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Hey I finished work early today... do you wanna come for a session?

Matteo said:

Hey man it is still going... I'll message you next time I got some time to go for a session

nicolassv said:

If this is still going I'm in.

Call me at 0406653152 if you wanna

Can't do today man, working till like 11, sorry.

Gentleman I'll go out sessioning this weekend, let me know if you wanna join

is there anyone whose more around my age (17) in the area? getting lonely always skating by myself haha. Im perfectly confident at any speeds ur gonna be hitting round here and very confident staying in my lane and what not

I'm 15, I skate by myself all the time. Cause nobody skates up here in the Blue Mountains!!! Except for like 2 ppl who aren't available all the time.

I'd be keen to make the trip in to skate.

You dudes should come to teh Mountains! There are some sick spots to train on and stoof.

Some good downhill runs and freeride hills.

This does not include pump station(which is probably the safest, but worst spot)

Megalong Valley is where its at folks, Give me a ring 0449 197 781 If you want to come up to Megalong to skate.

Its really quiet mid week and is a reasonably fast course with 1 hairpin, 3 sweepers, and a top speed of 83km (my top recorded)

I'm canadian too!

Might just take you up on that Jake. Pumpy's fun but slow. Megalong sounds good. If we plan a decently long session out this way that's worth the trip we'll let you know.

Sure thing, I'm off school for 3 more weeks and then I'm away for three weeks then back after.

Give me a ring or just add me on facebook if you guys are planning to come up, I'll let you know what the tracks like if its wet and such.

Its better in weekdays, but weekends are fine except its pretty busy.

so is there anyone out there in the eastern subs for me to shred with then?

I'm not in the eastern suburbs but i'd be keen to skate some runs or something

yep next session this weekend... I'll keep you updated

I can't do sunday unfortunately.

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