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Hey does anyone know where I can buy those small washers that go under the bolts of your board?

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bunnings probaly
definitely bunnings
sounds good :) do you know what size??
ummm lol, 3/16? just bring your board or a single bolt and match em up its like 2 bucks for 8
haha i didnt even think of that :s  ....................   sick thanks
If you want good ones ring ado at cre8ive sk8. He will give you ones that won't rust or stuff up. It might cost a little more but it it will be worth it.
thanks for the advice adam :)
If your Bunnings is anything like mine, Ado will be far cheaper and give you the good stuff.
Next time you order bolts, ask for them!  I always do :)
To be exact 10/32". If you can't get an imperial size than 5mm metric is closest (its just a little bigger). I would put them for sale on the hopshop website but they are not worth the postage

Will Carter said:
sounds good :) do you know what size??
oi will if your gonna buy some can you get me some aswell, i give you mulala

haha yeah would probably cost more for shipping than you get from the buyer

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