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Comment by Benbro on March 9, 2012 at 20:48

Didn't know it was still a secret amongst fellow skaters,those new to the station don't take long to learn the ways and treat it as it has always been treated..
the place never changes,except for a few more beginners practicing on weekends,.

Yeah Benbro if only that was the truth, But it's not. As most are aware the BMB act as caretakers and mediators between locals and the longboard community, most of what happens up here does not make it to the forum pages of ASRA, like the spate of lock cuttings and entry of vehicles, The rubbish left behind by riders and event organisers,or the removal undertaken  by a few local riders who appreciate what a rare and unique spot we have, a venue that can be utilised by all disciplines. 

We have been contacted by Colin the Captain of the local fire brigade on behalf of the local community that they are not happy with the wood (LAUNCH) ramps and hay bales left behind after the last event and would like them removed. Could the event organiser or members of the luge community make the effort required to remove them as this will benefit all who appreciate and would like to maintain our good relations with the community 

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sorry that was benbro on gabes compter

Gabe said:

hi mick,didnt mean any disrespect or anything with my comment about the pumpy mate,.im glad youve made everyone aware that uncool things are goin down, soon mate when im home fro nz.


Ok my bad! You can call off the search parties, Lynch mob & witch hunt.

This is solely my fault and responsibility and I apologise.

I did not realise leaving launch ramps deep in the bush after the race that it would cause such an issue. Especially after them sitting out of site for over a year now.

This is no groms fault nor any particular group of people, they were just doing what anybody would do if they stumbled accross them and having a good time.

It would've been great to be emailed, called or notified via a pm instead of getting told second hand that there was an issue. If this is a community interested in how it's actions are portrayed it would've been better dealt with before being posted on a public forum. god forbid a picture of the BMB sticker stuck on the gate of the pump station be posted.

All garbage from the race was carefully removed and today myself and two others removed the ramps and bails.

The town of Linden can sleep safely tonight knowing that there isn't any threat of extra fuel for a potential fire in their community.

Please direct all negative comments at me and know that I will not see or read them, just like this thread and forum I will not have the time or energy to waste on pointless garbage because there is much more important things in life than whinging and bitching on a public forum!




Thanks Phill.

Cheers Phil & Daz for today

Those bloody bails were dam wet & heavy man.

Dam they were a long way from were they were hidden in the bush.

The ramps also were long way from where they were hidden.

(Besides the point we probably should have removed them)

Hindsight is a wonderfull thing!!

Makes you wonder how long they've been out & used for (Once found)??

And yet no-one else thought of putting them back,hidden again for others to use later

Anyway we'll make sure we're guilt free next time

The 10-15 groms that were there today were not very impressed that we were removing them :-(

Anyway its done now

Lets move on






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