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Alright well it's come to lots of people attention that the locals may close pumpy from us by putting an obstacle in the middle that'd wreck the whole run.

Reason: We leave rubbish.

Solution: Pick up your rubbish for god's sake. It's not hard. Bring plastic bags and put all the rubbish in and if ur last to leave pumpy its even more responsibility to clean up EVERYTHING. Pick up rubbish, not just ur rubbish but everyones rubbish.

Seriously people, i love going pump but it sucks when people screw it up for everyone else. I went pump last sunday and had a chat to one of the locals and they talked about a town meeting where they discuss whether they want us there or not. He really liked us and loved how lots of us are respectful but some of you are killing it for everyone else. So if we get a second chance, dont bloody screw it up.

That is all

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but if skaters clean it residents wont automatically asume it was skaters that made the mess

Amen, let there be radness through the cleaning of other peoples rubbish cause we're all the raddest of peeps.

murrah said:

but if skaters clean it residents wont automatically asume it was skaters that made the mess

Praise Steezus, Hail Skatin

but to keep the place open its worth picking up other peoples shit even if it sucks

Whereever you live, whereever you skate, be the dude in your group that hassels your mates to "TAKE THEIR STUFF WITH THEM" and calls the dudes on any removal of pegs or trees etc.

This is a great message for every longboarder in every town at every estate in the country.

Drifters on the sunny coast has been cut off from use via 24 hour security guards "patroling an empty estate that the council wont allow them to build on due to the steep ness of the hill. All because of rubbish and people trashing their survey pegs and tree planting. Its a travesty.


here is a quick video of myles and crew at the place we lost.

watch it its rad.



its simple. put your shit in your bag. EVERYONE brings a bag with them to pump station, what do you think the pre-rubbish snacks and food came in? you have ur back pack put ur rubbish back into it when it turns from rad food and stuff to scraps. be pre-pared. you dont need to throw it on the ground and then at the end of the day pick it up, just never let it get to the ground, stick it in your pocket it you have to.

main lesson is, never let anything touch the ground but wheels, shoes, pucks, backpacks or chairs. if you see other people's shit pick it up.

So what happened?
haggy said:

I can confirm ASRA reps (Robbo and myself) as well as Blue Mountain Boardriders locals Mick and Ross will be attending a Linden community meeting this week.  We will put forth a few suggestions, including those mentioned above, to the meeting and emphasize that as a community longboarders are generally very responsible.


Most of the locals have no problem with us being up there.  My impression is there are a few people complaining due to the increase in people going there.  I am confident that with the community showing Linden some goodwill (for example with a fundraiser/rubbish pick up day) we will continue to be able to use the road.


Stay posted... I'll let you know how the meeting goes.


I wasn't there, but I heard the meeting was constructive and went well. There is a problem with people leaving rubbish there, and skaters are part of that, and we'll do our best to solve it, and they seemed to understand that and aren't out to shut us down. There's a few locals that skate there, so it isn't a "locals vs outsiders" issue at all.

So nothing to be alarmed about, but we all have to be vigilant about keeping the place clean and tidy, and respecting the locals.

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