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Alright well it's come to lots of people attention that the locals may close pumpy from us by putting an obstacle in the middle that'd wreck the whole run.

Reason: We leave rubbish.

Solution: Pick up your rubbish for god's sake. It's not hard. Bring plastic bags and put all the rubbish in and if ur last to leave pumpy its even more responsibility to clean up EVERYTHING. Pick up rubbish, not just ur rubbish but everyones rubbish.

Seriously people, i love going pump but it sucks when people screw it up for everyone else. I went pump last sunday and had a chat to one of the locals and they talked about a town meeting where they discuss whether they want us there or not. He really liked us and loved how lots of us are respectful but some of you are killing it for everyone else. So if we get a second chance, dont bloody screw it up.

That is all

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Yeah. also suggest ways for us skaters to compromise with the council. i already asked the ASRA guys to see if they wouldn't mind asking if the council could place bins up at the gate because the council asked robbo and the guys to be apart of the meeting.

Its not that hard to bring a plastic bag and pick your rubbish up is just lazy kids with no respect for the area.
This message need to be blasted at everyone who goes up there. 

Good post jonny, thanks for the heads up. Can only hope that other people see and respect the locals and their environment. It is a lovely place after all.

Yep, totally agree. Pick up any rubbish - even the smallest thing - a bottle top, a cigarette butt, everything. There's also been reports of damage to trees and of fires being lit - obviously this is A Bad Thing.

The locals there are actually decent folks - not skater haters at all. It's their backyard, and it's a National Park, so it's fair enough that if we use it we should respect the place.

its up to individuals within groups to take control and pick up what friends might leave behind and then punch those friends in the face for being stupid. 

Yeah last time I went (first time too haha) I was last to leave and spent 10 minutes getting rubbish, even stuff which had clearly been there a while. If everyone cleans up and a responsible person checks it at the end we'll be on the right track.

Yeh man, ive been there a couple times and not once was there like rubbish left so its a real minority too.

why dont you have a clean up day too impress the locals and keep it open for all


murrah said:

why dont you have a clean up day too impress the locals and keep it open for all

A fund raiser for the local fire brigade? Bush fires are a big issue there.

I haven't even gone there before...

clean up then runs all entries go to fire brigade

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