ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Not sure how long this will last but whatever.
Think you can plank? Well don't, just tuck. Way cooler, not to mention faster.
Post them on here for the world to see!
Only do rad ones, not effing stupid ones. Be clever, not stupid. So no balconies or anywhere you could get hurt, just funny stuff.


Here's Minglish tucking through ads to make Family Guy come back on quicker.


And again waiting for Peta to pick us up, it worked, she got there in record time, only got lost once along the way...

So let's go!

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good one beet :)
Here's me, 'tucking' to the semi-formal

Tucking to make the racehorse run faster

Lets try...standing on his back (sister was shitting herself)


Getting to bed quicker to be TUCKED in.....

Tucking to make my tuck go faster. (pink shirt in aid of road safe awareness:^)

good point beet.... where WOULD life be without breasts

Why don't I make it down hills...


Jesus, Beet!  Don't they supply lockers or storage desks at your kids schools?  Or is that just a trend in Adelaide with groms that the bigger the backpack the better?

beet said:

carn', hurry up boys.... sending the tuckers off ter school

tucking to make the cops piss off on race dayfaster!!

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