ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

I'm after a set of smallish slidey freeride wheels.

the hype tells me Otang Stims  86a, but what do you think?

Anything better/cheaper at ABEC11/Sector9/... ?


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You guys are great! Thanks so much, I feel enlightened :-)

I'm very tempted by the Metro Motions (read some good reviews elsewhere) or the Early to keep it local.

I'm surprised no one stood up to say "I have the Stims 86a and they're the best wheels".  ASRA didn't get fooled by the hype I suppose.

*Shrugs- stims are good wheels. Get any of them you can't tell whats good for you unless you try. No reason to stay away from them just cause they are hyped though you could definitely get more bang for your buck. (intrigued by the alligators and cadillacs though)

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