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I'm after a set of smallish slidey freeride wheels.

the hype tells me Otang Stims  86a, but what do you think?

Anything better/cheaper at ABEC11/Sector9/... ?


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both abec11 and sector 9 make better 70mm freeride wheels
Early 69mm Blue Balls. $65+- makes it cheaper then any wheel available.
Easier to break into a slide then an 81 freeride, not icey and unpredictable as a 86a durian.
Never tried sector 9 but hear and see good things.

I have s9 78a center set freerides, and they are definately smoothest wheels I have ever used, ive used 86a stims, 83a stims, 80a stims, and abec 11 freerides. And these beat all of them.

they are quite slippery though

for $71 at boardshop you can get pink powerballs 72mm - these slide like butter, slide the quietest, very predictable and leave sick thane lines :)

Thanks guys! What you say about the S9 78a being slippery is interesting: I thought the softer the wheel was the grippier it is (?).

I have never tried S9 wheels though, may give them a try then!

Its grippier to a point, slide like butter then re-grip predictably. Harder wheels feel more icy when you slide, allow you to slide further but seriously for freeride 78-81a IMO are the best duros
Metro motions are $65 at boardshop 70mm 78a - definitely have a look at these. Btw the pink powerballs are also by Abec 11
metro motions, dont get them unless you want to slide, ALOT and have fun
Metro Motions all day. Get the 80a, beastly slides.
81a flashbacks are the definition of boss

Another option Alligators, very under rated wheel.  grippy enough to rail any corner, break em in and you got a sexy set of slide wheels. Defintaly worth 67 bucks and freeshipping.

OR 65mm 81a noskoolz from the same site. I used to love em, small and fast, slide brilliantly.

OR the 71 mm pinks, again RAD thane, RAD shape.

If leaving thane lines is your thing, . Wicked slide on these things, at that price you can pretty much buy two sets and laugh at everyone else who bought Otangs.


Of course my go to wheel for anything slideays will always be Cult. Which alas are unavailable here. but you cant say there isnt any choice available.


1. get a hat

2. put all these suggestions in

3. pick one at random

4. buy it

5. shred

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