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Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone had a set of the orangatang nipple bushings and which ones and on how they perform. I am more interested in feedback from downhillers and freeriders, not so much "learning to slide" people


Cheers guys

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Spend the $17 to find out for your self?

I'm riding orange in chargers on a carveboard and the rebound is as good as I had hoped. Just get some and see how you go. They're probably slightly harder than the equivalent duro quoted - their "85a" are not all that much softer than my 88a sabres.

Yeah got some orange ones to put in my dervish. Seemed cheap and as a bonus you get flat washers.


They feel pretty hard actually.

The orange could certainly be used for a little bit of Freeriding if you tightened them down a bit.

I bought a set of the yellows last week, and like these guys have said, they definitely feel hard for their "equivalent duro". I'm only about 75 kg though, which is lighter than the weight loaded recommends. At speed they feel a bit more responsive though. 

I'm going to give the orange a whirl in the next couple of weeks and see how they hold up.

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