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Not happy Jan

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I can't believe how badly organised that run was!!

People everywhere. Even the marshals were all over the road. 

And a bunch of riders (including Jacko) chose to withdraw from the race due to the safety issues, and therefore give up their chance of winning the cash and the glory. I think that was a very principled stance, and an effective way of putting pressure on future race organisers to get their shit together.

Get 100, 000 people in a room with yoyos and its all fun and games till someone gets hurt

Good one the riders for takeing a stannce and saying NO , This had the potential for being much worse then it was ,Hope everyone is ok

yeh it was a shit show. we postponed the race till the next day when there would be no spectators, but when i woke up there were no more hay bails and the road was wet from the previous night's rain. i valued my life and safety and decided to go surfing. unfortunately the sun did come out and the race was run in full dry conditions but it was still a risk if something went wrong. It sucked we had to give up the chance to win the dollars (which would have been a piece of piss had we raced the next day) and it was a lot of dollars, $3000 first place i believe, but in the end i got to have two surfs at two different beaches in paradise and lived to see another day. three days later the next race was on and it was sick as fuck!

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