ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Will make for any board 2$ for a set pick up in adelaide only

or send us a self addressed envelope with the money and we will post

Apply with super glue or any good glue

If you buy two sets it is $3

address: 12 woodfield ave fullarton adelaide 5063



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What are the made of?

stiched rubber

Hi there,

do you mean we tell you our board type or do they fit all boards?

Also would they work fine front and back on a symetrical board for alround use?

Im very new to longboarding and have a Original Apex 40 Double Concave

thanks alot, Joe

Ehhh original -___-

what do you ride, isnt it about riders and not boards.

But if not please let me know.

its a good idea, but you would be pretty lazy if you didn't just make one yourself. having said all that, they are only $2 for a pair.

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