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Recently Gold Coast City Council put up two no skateboarding signs around the new foreshore development at Surfers Paradise.  However this area is full of pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, rollerbladers etc - you name it, they are there.  I ride my longboard there all the time and am totally annoyed at this it legal to just ban skateboards?  If you are going to ban one thing, surely it should be all wheeled transport (which would be impossible to enforce at this particular spot, supposed to be family friendly??)

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too bad champ. its fully legal to put up that sign. if it says no skateboarding then i guess you cant skate there... however when you think about it, theres bugger all places you actually CAN skate... so ask yourself, will you abide by the sign? i surely wouldnt... but thats just me.

haha on no I'm totally ingnoring it, of course!!  anyway who's going to stop a girl on a skateboard....we're harmless, right??

bro, take the sign down in the middle of the night, get creative with some stancil work and a paint can( ie. longboarder getting sideways) and put it back up, encouraging ppl to skate, me and gromatage did it in byron bay earlier this year worked a treat and was heaps of fun. everytime we skated passed it we would laugh and it ended up in the news paper, im shore its still there today



There needs to be some law banning skateboarding there for the sign to be legit. A sign on its own isn't enough.

But that won't stop the council from fining you for ignoring the sign. You'd have to fight it in court, and you never know - maybe the sign was legit.

Go with Robs idea.

Might be an idea to approach your local Skate Association to get them to help.

Judging by the info that they put out it would have to be SBA....SBA - Gold Coast

SBA appear to be running events in partnership with the GCCC.

So if anyone knows about the how, why, and if it can be fixed, its them.

(07) 55 757 808 is their phone number, ask for Cuzza or Glen.


News Flash!

Susan, it also looks like they are running "special" programs for your half of the population !

Quote SBA:

Skateboarding originated from surfing, basically street surfing when the surf was flat. Nowdays, the Cruiser board is enjoyed by all ages, male or female. Its easy, low risk, and its feels great. The combination of soft wheels and long wheelbase allow you glide along visually beautiful landscape with little to no effort, soaking up the scenery. So come on girls, pop the below dates in your calendar and come cruise with us. All session start at 9am"


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