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hey guys

just letting you know if any one is after custom leathers for newtons give me a buzz, i will be taking orders up to the end of next week if you want custom leathers,

custom cowhide starts - $799

Custom roo hide starts - $1049

extra graphics run at about $50 to $150 depending on work

i will also be taking pre orders for plain predone sizes,

plain blacks at $500

plain suit with colour $600

plain suit design made to fit $750

keep in mind if you want a CUSTOM SUIT by newtons you MUST have have your order in by the end of next week.

any questions feel free to hit me up.


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Downhill Skateboarding Leathers:
7/03/2012 - Tomorrow will be the last day that we will be accepting custom downhill skateboarding suits for the delivery before: mt keira downhill challenge & Newtons Nation Mount Panorama. We like to make sure our customers have at least 1-2 weeks practice before the big event.


For those who leave it all to the last minute:
Plain black cowhide suits from XXS to 2XL will be ordered in for the budget customer (received by 6/04/2012). Daz has kindly offered to sell them on our behalf on the day as I wont beable to make the events. If you want to try them on please email: height, tshirt, jean, chest measurement to . Price will be $500-$550

thanks matt
finn moto

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