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The IDF has a new, transponder-based timing system, and if all goes to plan we (ASRA) will be using it at Newton's. Every rider will strap a transponder to their front ankle, and their times will be automatically recorded by the system.

We plan on doing the timed runs in groups of four, just as we do in practice runs. In fact there doesn't have to be any difference between practice and qualifying - it can be one big practice session where everybody's every run is timed, and only their best run will count.

This will mean everybody will get a LOT more runs on the first day, without the queueing and waiting that has always happened with timed runs.

And it means drafting and team tactics will be a part of timed qualifying. Yeah! I can see this coming into play down Conrod.

So time to start thinking about the best tactics for this, and figuring who you want (or don't want) to be in your group of four for the timed runs.

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not sure if i like the idea of bringing in team tactics... skateboarding isnt a team sport IMO

just cause no one is gonna want to skate down with you matti

I don't think it will make a huge difference. The guy that gets you fast down conrod is the guy you fear keeping up with from the dipper to forest. Than again I could be completely wrong

Thats awsome technology!

Can we keep em strapped on for the after party to confirm once and for all who does the most runs to the bar?

Does this mean all the track records will be wiped?
Sure bump drafting down conrod will get you better times, but what does it really matter.
You can't control who you race in the end, so you just need to be more confident in your racing.

And if you want to qual by yourself, when they so go, just sit there for a bit till everyone else goes and gives you a clear track. Or push out in front if you think you're the fastest in the group. Just remember being second can sometimes have its advantages. Watching the person in front of you allows you to gauge how fast to enter a corner and if you want to brake the same amount or less.

What this may mean is less experienced riders who wing it by following a more experienced rider can qual higher. Putting the less experienced rider into a slot where they may not be ready for, which could have a bad outcome. Last thing you want is someone taking out another rider by trying to wing it.

What would be good to know is if Newtons will have multiple reciever points down the hill? or just one at the start and one at the finish? 
It would be good if there was more, then you could see where the speeds really are. And riders could use it to improve sections they are slow in.

Would be interesting to use.

bernie no need that will be me!!!!!

Multiple split times displayed on a gigantic screen. No, three gigantic screens - one at the start, one at Forest, and the other the finish.

Maybe next year...

I thought this was the last race at Mt Panorama?

Bugs said:

Multiple split times displayed on a gigantic screen. No, three gigantic screens - one at the start, one at Forest, and the other the finish.

Maybe next year...

Oh yeah. Somewhere else then.

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