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Hello everybody!

I will be moving  to Newcastle next month from Canada.  I took up long boarding last year and am keen to get into the local scene, meet some new people and hopefully learn some new stuff.  I'm into mostly cruising and dancing right now.  Although I'm starting to develop a thurst for sliding and downhill as well.

Is there still a weekly session?  

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Hey mate, not in newy much anymore but was there for a few years (moved recently), theres a bit of scene going on these days, not much of a weekly set session but usually something going on. Theres a few guys with cars so would be best to get in with them and as they travel a bit and get to some of the Sydney events. have a search for "newcastle wheelyboard whores" that the local group where sessions are organised.

Awesome, thanks man.  Looks pretty hilly there, can't wait to come explore.

Where abouts in newie do you live? Im in kotara, dont know how well you know the city yet tho.

Hey guys,

So I checked out Newcastle Wheely whores. But they never excepted my request?  Perhaps some one could nudge the mods and let them know Palm Pilot Elvis is ok?

Patrick, I am in New Lambton.  Not far from Kotara at all!  I recently heard about  a track down by Blacksmith beach.  Thinking about checking that out soon.  Keen?

Oh, nice!
I have a few friends who skate so we could meet up sometime. Will have to be the holidays tho cause of school (and im sick as a dog). Where is this run you speak of?
Btw how old are are you, might be awkward (not that that will interfer with our skating tho of course).

Sweet man, would love to have a few boys to skate with.  I'm 32, is that awkward?

The hill is called Fernleigh track, have you heard of it?

I see your into downhill and sliding.  I'm hoping to get a new board in the near future, and learn how to slide.  Perhaps you can share some tips?

Hope you feel better soon.


Cool man, um, me and my mates are all 15, lol. Would you feel comfortable?
And yeah iv heard of it, its a pretty long biketrack with some steady dh sections, havent gone there myself tho.
I warn you though, im no guru, i have really only just started to. I do know basic slides like colemans and stuff though. I do, however, have a mate who is pretty good, a lot better than me (well iv got a few, some are part of wheelyboard whores).
Id be pretty stoked to meet up, always good to meet new people.
Also, what gear/setup do you have?

Hope you are liking Aus.

Ahhhhh 15, that is a bit young?  

I ride a 60" fat daddy with Paris trucks.  Mostly for cruising and dancing.  But as I said I wanna start sliding.  I'm sure we can still bomb a few hills.  Just won't be goin for beers after. lol  Meeting people is always good.  Besides gotta keep the sport alive!

60"! Holy dooly
Anyway, are you keen? We have nothing to lose right? If you dont feel comfortable though i totally understand and am 100% fine with that.

Ya, we'll meet up for a jam some time and see how it goes.

I figure, you know how to slide, I wanna learn how to slide.  I have life experience, you may want advice some time.  It's a mutual learning experience.  Like I said we won't be goin for beers any time soon.  But we can still hit the hills.  Helps keep you guys outta trouble! lol

Ya, my fat daddy is a beast.  But it's so much fun.  Perhaps I'll let ya try it some time.

Ok man, im begging to like you already ;).
Im glad you can be mature about it and not like "oh, me hanging out with a 15 year old, pftttt, as if".
We can go for a beer in 3 years maybe ;).
Beggining* not begging, lol

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