ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

So finally I got my first longboard!

She is so pretty!


The person who started teaching my to longboard moved back to Melbourne, very soon after he started teaching me.

So now I have no one to teach me! Hopefully I will get to meet up with some awesome people from here, who can give me lots of tips and hints and a whole lot of confidence!


My board is The Purple Modra by Goldcoast Longboards.

-The Dart Board
-Dimensions: 44" x 10"
-25" Wheel Base
-7 Ply Canadian Maple
-Century 7" Reverse Pivot Trucks
-70mm 83a Shred Boot Wheels
-ABEC 7 Bearings With Teflon™
-Printed Grip Tape

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what part of brisbane? northside or southside?
I live northside.
Go to uni in the city and work in South Brisbane.

Hey welcome to ASRA! what uni? I'm from bris too, go to QUT.


What sort of longboarding are you into? There are some fairly regular sessions around st lucia I think.

I'll be skating this weekend if you want to come along, 0407750578 is me or just send me a message




Hey Jack,


I go to QUT too.


I am very very very new to longboarding.

So I use my board to commute at the moment.


Too scared to try anything else yet, I have no idea what I am doing and don't want to do anything too risky by myself.


I can't this weekend, as I will be studying for an exam I have on Monday. (And have a game of soccer to play.)

Potential QUT GP longboarding crew in the making?? haha

Sure! :P
get a helmet and pads and we'll teach you to slide, then you can tackle any hill!
I have a helmet and wrist guards. Just need new knee and elbow pads, because my little bro borrowed them and left them somewhere :S

dont forget, slide gloves.....

cant slide without slide gloves!

st lucia skates are  siiiiic
whereabouts in st lucia do you guys skate? im in brissy for a while in a couple of weeks and im just wondering where some good runs are.. bonus as i am staying in st lucia!
go for a skate with micheal english he owns all those hills

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