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i had pink powerballs they flatspotted and worn down to fast but had a great slide looking for some freeride wheels that will slide great predictable but last long

thinking about

venom tweakers

comets volante wheels

flashbacks 81a

classic thane center set freerides 81a

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hahaha ok i just dont want to blow my money on a shit wheel

 or here Click here

Or you can try click,n here.

Good slide wheel

try some cult converters broooo

You should go for either tweakers or bootlegs 80a, I've had both and they are both amazing wheels!

Death Rays would be better. They slide and grip. Gammas are just made for traction.

Maxwell Fisher said:

Zig Zags are great for all round, and if your looking for a wheel with a little more grip try cult gamma rays, I hear tweekers are also sickk

gammas are a fuckin sick slide wheel! i find em a way better wheel than a zigzag! favorite wheel i ve ever ridden.

freerides for the win

Early Swampys are pretty sick.

Classic thane Zigs are nice too...

80a baluts apparently are quite hard to flat spot and they slide well

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