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Whats your opinion on the Nelson Spindrift, good for some Dh, shuvets, Free ride, tricks? 

And are the tale to small for some tricks and shuvets?


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And are there any Australian shops online that sell them?


yeh theve got a mad concave and i dont know any oz shops that sell them but theres a nelson thread on asra u can ask the guy

Joe Wells said:

And are there any Australian shops online that sell them?


k thanks


theres barely any space for shovits and there rock solid so doing other kinds of tricks are practically impossible. but im pretty sure you can ask rich to add 1 inch of space on the noses for more functionality but it would cost extra.  

K thanks think I'll stick with the Daddow Entelechis

It's really a board for getting solidly locked into, not for dancing around on.

I love this board for freeriding and some downhill. The tail isnt very good for tricks, but enough for manuals and shovits. I dont think that any Australian shops sell them, but you can still get them really cheap from America...

i have riden the board and i believe that it is good for some DH and alot of freeriding due to its dropped platform, shuvits and tricks r alot more difficult though


glyde white line



not tricks. greatt for freeride though, very durable too. i would reccomend a toipspin though, i enjoy my spindrift more topmounted

Nah I just want something for freeride down hill now and thats the white line.

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