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How would we go about setting up a national competition by way of a series of races held at locations around australia perhaps including other countries NZ, asia pacific etc? I see that the IGSA have seperate sanctioned chapters for specific regions and im wondering what it would take to get something off the ground here. Viability etc I wouldn't know and i understand that everyone is a volunteer as well.

Is there enough interest?

Distances and cost?

Just putting it out there.

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yea dude that would be rad

i think thats what the rankings are about,.eligible outlaws and legit events in oz combining to a pointscore/rankings..
as usual geoff,its all about people putting in a lot of time and money  to set up an individual series,.currently the asra crew have their work cut out to bring us the wc's etc, it will come down to someone with the time,determination and kno how to step up and do it.
if you were to have a race in every state or a 4 race series,watever you come up with,.its going to be a lot of work to get 4 legit events up and running,and would require a very organised and hardworking team of people,.eg.just like the asra crew.
hard shoes to fill,...,i got no doubt any legit series would be a success,getting racers wouldnt be a problem,and i think mt kiera proved we can get crowds if its publicised a bit.

nz seems the place to get legal events off the ground with a bit less fuss,...ive heard of big things brewing over there and also things in the works here,...more is better!..

would be super rad if it does end up happening. This will take alot of time, effort and money to put this together. we got something like this in Adelaide right now happening at a little local hill but at a far smaller scale. i think keira took a few years prep to actually get to the event so you are going to have your work cut out for a bit. If this does happen, have it next year at the start of the year when its warm and less rain

Benbro sums it up pretty much. We all want it and are working towards it.

Yeah I understand and the rankings are awesome. How cool will it be to have 250 riders registerd at Keira and newtons, BTB 100, we've got some fast stuff out the back here, brissie, sunny coast, Radelaide. ACT. WA tassie, NZ. Sponsors are putting gear out to a lot of small races here and there.It would be great for each states shops to get behind their state events.

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