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Opinions on 175mm Munkae trucks with a 42.5* baseplate ? Done as much research on the net and didn't get any reasonable answers

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It isn't the truck you have to worry about it is how YOU handle that speed. I know guys who have gone faster than that on standard Randal 180's

Yeah I was actually waiting on someone to say that hahah

I've been using cast trucks for way too long, time to move onto precisions

id got the 49s for base plates if your going munkaes dude

Restrictive bushing seat.  I use much softer bushings in them than I would on a cast trucks.

They feel good if set up well.  I would go Aera's over them and possibly Kaha's.

All in all, you don't actually need them yet, so save the dollars for something else, unless you have a large excess or hate money.

Thankyou tim. I wanna own some precisions though!! Had cast trucks for way more then 2 years
Wait until you can use your cast trucks to their full potential. Learn every twitch, take them fast, perfect your pre-drifts, all those sort of things. That way, when you get the expensive trucks, you can truely experience and feel them. Also, they will then have less chance of ending up under a car or smacked up real bad.
Great advice, I'm taking all of that in and yeah I'm definitely going to wait till I can master the pre-drifts and what not. Cheers tim!

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