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2 years on from the last ASRA run event, im hoping the Mt keira will once again be the Aussie world cup hill and a world class event.

whos in charge at Asra to keep this a possibility? whats being done to make it happen? does ASRA need any help, theres plenty of people ready to get in and do the hard yards but we need time and confirmation of the event. 

that said i too will be organising an outlaw to coinside with the event, that way any international riders might get a bit more bang for their buck making the huge trip to Aus. 

where is asra at on mt keira preparations? 

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I appreciate the reply mate, raised a couple of valid points in my mind.

Alright, so lets start at modernisation. I'm happy to volunteer to moderate the ASRA page, that sure as hell would be a good place to start as it is less active than just about any other page I have seen that still exists. If we get that up and going, promote vids and post races on there, that would be a good idea (as long as race organisers want that involvement).

At the same time as that, why not get someone to just set up an event here every time they see one on Facebook. Make an ASRA profile so people can invite said profile to races and then the person that runs that post the deets here. Same was as basement skate have the Basement Skate page and the Skate Basement profile, which also makes it easier to spread the word.

That does mean work, however it also takes care of the people who are too lazy to make an event on here but still have a Facebook event.

Now I'm showing how out of it I am, I was not aware there was even rankings. Or is it just that there haven't been for the last few years?

Now we get to the fun (that was sarcasm) part of actually updating the website, which will have to be done at some stage. This is either going to take money or someone who knows what they're doing to happen, I have neither and I doubt ASRA does either. So while that has to be done it can be put off for a bit until resources are available. Getting publicity and being back out there, promoting races, shops, events, and anything else should be the priority and that can be done now.

I do intend to be more active here, but I am a very small part of a very large community in whose mind I think ASRA has lost a lot of legitimacy in the last couple of years at least. Get the name back out there, get ASRA flags at races, engage the groms and promote the sport first and foremost, until ASRA is seen as supporting the scene (and I am not talking about historically I mean no disrespect to what has been done in the past I am talking 100% about right now) ASRA will not get the support.

In summation:

> Lets get ASRA active on facebook, I'm happy to volunteer some time towards that myself.

> Get events from facebook listed here, not many people are going to go the other way around.

> Get a physical presence at races beyond a couple of guys with many year old stickers on their decks.

Do this, gain some support and then get back into it full bore. (Myself and Rob *the tall old bastard not the fast one* had a big talk about this a couple of weeks back)

On a sidenote, Kiera would be sick as Rob if you need any help hit me up.

bernie said:

Thanks for adding to this.
Facebook integration is not rejected, but ASRA will need a volunteer to help modernize the site.

As to Everyone finding out via facebook, that is the big misconception, and we have too many examples of far too many people missing out on finding out.
Since facebook became a real business it is getting harder to contact everyone without paying.

Agree 100%, the way to make ASRA more relevant is if people actually give a shit about posting events here first, then linking the event to a facebook event.  That way you get both the new generation and the luddites. 

Also events need to be on ASRA to qualify for rankings (we need another volunteer to help with the rankings data-base also)

So until we get an up to the minute, fully integrated site, we need everyone to hold off on writing off ASRA as a lost cause, and put up with this clunky old site, and post your events here first.  Look beyond the old website, look into the heart of ASRA, and you will find it is made up of skaters that broke the ground to give you a sport that you enjoy, and a new generation, of skaters like yourself that actually give a shit, and although it would be really fantastic to have the latest on-line no one in the heart of ASRA really needs a fancy pants website to share the stoke.

Post events here, RSVP to events here, retain your history here, make American facebook shareholders rich...over there!

Book-mark this link:

Then use it to stay up to date, and you wont need to spend much time on this site.

Don't forget, "likes" are lame, commitment is rad!

Thanks again Nathaniel.

To add to the to do list:

In summation:

1)  get the rankings database up and running.  (we need a volunteer to be trained by Bugs)

2) Lets get ASRA active on facebook, I'm happy to volunteer some time towards that myself.(great!)

3) Get events from facebook listed here FIRST. 
( not many people are going to go the other way around....but because rankings points  ASRA require an ASRA event listing, 30 days before an event as a mandatory requirement, people who want points will care about the event listing being on ASRA FIRST, and link to facebook second).

4) Every ASRA event listing to have a podium picture, results and short race report, within 7 Days of an event....
or NO POINTS will be allocated!

5) Get a physical presence at races beyond a couple of guys with many year old stickers on their decks.
Robbo should have the ASRA flags, and they need to made available to race organisers.

6) have an AGM and get some new board members!

I'm up to it, despite working fulltime whilst trying to start a grass-roots company I raise my hand to become a new AGM member, being based on the south coast, I have direct contact with the Wollongong City Council and have talked to them many times before regarding legal road closures.

For the better of Community and future of the Sport, I'm in! 

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