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I know this has been raised before, but. The amount of crap you have to trawl through to get to something worth wile reading or watching on ASRA these days is ridiculous! I hardly ever bother anymore. what about a filter or private area for paid up members? Just a thought, and yeah i know elitism rarara.


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yeh cool with that, it is just something I have in my head from using project planning tools ie MS project and Primavera at work every day, filters are easy to apply in that respect, my post is reflective of what an IT numpty I am I guess :)

Bugs said:

I understand what you're saying, but the simple answer is no, we don't have that level of control over the platform to do that. If we do decide to do something it's gonna be quite rudimentary.

Jake Elliott said:

would it be possible to apply a simple filter by marking financial members profiles and applying that filter at the members prompt to hide all the non financial members posts etc. I would like to still be able to choose to see the noob posts, and, would like the preference not to see them at times and focus on what the people that pay have to say

point well made bugs. if it is kept open.

Bugs said:

Phil, I don't think it would be too elitist, because everybody would have access to all content in the members area. Nobody would be excluded from reading it, only from posting to it. 

People can already create a private group, and some people have, for example the Adelaide group. The members section would be far more open than that.

Bernie, our ability to automate things is not as great as we might wish...

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