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I know this has been raised before, but. The amount of crap you have to trawl through to get to something worth wile reading or watching on ASRA these days is ridiculous! I hardly ever bother anymore. what about a filter or private area for paid up members? Just a thought, and yeah i know elitism rarara.


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I'd back this, it's a great idea. the amount of ridiculous/pointless/grommet threads and videos are becoming a little too much.
the filter would be too hard to manage though and I'm sure the organisers and staff of ASRA wouldn't want to spend their time playing with it and maintaining it.. a private area sounds like the best option so far.

Not a bad idea at all Ian. I agree the gromfroth seems to be gettin thicker & the quality of some discussion topics unbearable. . 

I guess it would be up to ASRA & Bugs to work out details.

I've been trying to think of a way to bring up the membership issue without putting preasure on anyone.

But I think it would be a good way to incorporate more people becoming members, which I feel is important

for the growth of both the sport & ASRA.

Why don't we have 1000+ paid up members ? Only cost the same as a set of cheep bearings.

All the questions have been asked before.

More members = more opportunities for funding, sponsorship, events, etc, the list goes on.

Not whingin', I'm stoked we have ASRA at all. Just throwing some ideas in.


Great idea!

id want it..

all for a members section. sounds perfect

+1 for this!
+10 I'm sick of seeing which wheels slide/ begginer skater ect. I dont want this to be another silverfish :/
Bump. Any more thoughts on the subject?

it seems a good idea. but what happens if all these "groms" pay member ship fees?? also what advantages would having a members only area include?? or would it just be a stagnant area of asra with not much content for those who have paid fees.?? maybe paid members or those in the members only area could be given first priority for national level events. just some suggestions

just want to know a bit more about the advantages really.

i will probably become a paid member next year when i have more time to work, and if this members area had a real advantage id be all for it!! 

Well you already have to be a member to race in an asra race (newtons) but i think that a members area would be grand!
If a whole ton of groms did pay membership fees, they would have to learn not to spam the members area... Not too hard a task... And more money for asra!

some sort of filter (that can be turned on and off) that you can see only financial member posts and content would be brill, not trying to be elitist

I would love to have this as a financial member privilege 

Some sort of filter (that can be turned on and off) that you can see only financial member posts and content would be brill


Yes!!! that sounds grand indeed. Whether its technically possible is another story.

If it made more groms pay financial membership it would be more of a reason to do it.

I could see it being done if there was another forums tab made.
Just the exact same html scripting copied over and put in a new area.
However, for this area, you need a different username and password (one emailed to all financial members), this would allow non-financial members to still read the financial forum and absorb good advice from paid up members.

I think scripting wise that would be simplest. Attempting to filter every post via who was paid up or not would be a logistical nightmare.


Pros - grom free area for members

- Will make financial membership more visible so people actually know its there, If financial forums are an ever present thing groms are more likely to pay up and become a member. At the moment unless they are attending lots of events it isn't worth it in their mind.


Cons - someone has to program and script it.

- programming and scripting it would take time

- and you don't want a nasty theme where it's all segragated and elitist blah blah. 

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