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I'm looking for a fairly decent speedboard, which can max about 90kmph or something around that region. Good for slides and bombing.

I have wheels so, I'm not too fussy if it doesn't come with them.


I am offering a

- Sector 9 Carbon Decay (Good Condition)

- An Amount of Cash (AS WELL AS THE BOARD ABOVE) after discussion.

 The Carbon Decay can be seen on my page in the photo gallery


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i have a demonseed, no problems hitting 90kmh on 1 of them... $180

How about a Jet Revolver with Randal 42s or Paris 195 with a choice of wheels

the hell?


A board doesn't make you 'max out' at 90km/h.

The board has very little to do with what speeds you reach...


Such a stupid sentence. Its all about your skill level as a rider. You can reach that speed on any decent longboard, you can slide any board, just keep what you have until you get better, go to events and try different boards until you find one you like/are comfortable on and then upgrade.

Also if you're deadset on bombing you only really need to concentrate on bushings and to a lesser degree, trucks.

i got new hellcat ......used evo

new comet voodoo xl

09 Landychtz Evo

Not the best condition but the board is practically indestructable

$110 + Shipping

Thanks for the offers guys. And thank you to jack for the helpful advice.
I ended up getting a Daddow's board. You should go check his store out



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