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G'day everyone!

I have just started longboarding but there is no one ( that I know of around here) that longboard. I am trying to teach myself sliding and would love some company/ a hand if anyone around the Penrith area is willing :)

Thanks chels

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Hey, i live in Windsor and always skate around Penrith. Can't teach you too much but always looking for people to skate with

catch the train to the city and come skate with the girls in glebe on wednesday night.

Hey I just started longboarding as well and would love to learn with someone else. I live in Newtown. Surely there's somewhere in between our homes we could skate.

AH man I am still waiting for my board. i snapped my old one so im stuck untill then. should have it within a couple of weeks.

Oh, lame!
Well keep me updated dude :)

Hey! I'm new to longboarding and live near Penrith too, would be awesome to meet other people who want to learn and skate together :)

Hey id been keen to catch up with you, I'm in the North Shore but head out west a fair bit. 

Can you let me know where to meet up in in Glebe on Wednesdays, I'm new on here :)


Rob Mcwhinnie said:

catch the train to the city and come skate with the girls in glebe on wednesday night.

Hello I just joined at ASRA ... I arrived 3 days ago to Sydney and I'm looking for someone to go long boarding and do somes slides... For the moment domes days I go to the street who goes under the harbor bridge but I'm thinking that the police don't like to much that ahah

Sydney City Bomb Squad....Thursday night - 6:30 leaves from Railway Square at Central.

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